Congress Defeats Gun-Control Bill

I am appalled and outraged that the elected officials of this nation, the individuals who have been entrusted with our safety, would kill such a bill as the seven-day waiting period for handguns.

What possible sane reason could anyone have for needing a handgun in less time than that? I cannot imagine the slightest harm (societal or economical) in having a waiting period of seven days. I wouldn't even think there'd be a need for a discussion!

Killing the bill because police departments don't have the resources to check out applicants in favor of a computer identification system that is at least 10 years away, and in all probability will never see the light of day, is nothing short of ludicrous!

I'd love to see a detailed report of every member of Congress who voted against the bill and received an NRA campaign contribution.

Isn't it about time we realized that in order to drive an automobile (the purpose of which is transportation), we need a state sanctioned license, and in order to buy a gun (the purpose of which is to kill people), all we need is cash?

This is perverse.


Studio City

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