Parent Group Drops Korenstein Recall Drive

A campaign to recall Los Angeles school board member Julie Korenstein was called off Monday because a special election would be too costly and would fall only weeks before the spring regular election, a recall spokeswoman said.

"We're going to focus our energies on getting a viable candidate to run against Korenstein instead," recall spokeswoman Sandra Zien said.

The recall group was formed by parents angry about the transfer of a Granada Hills junior high school principal during the summer. The group, which served Korenstein with recall papers Sept. 1, had until Jan. 21 to collect 43,500 signatures of registered voters in the West Valley area.

The group blames Korenstein for the transfer of Gerald Horowitz, former principal of Robert Frost Junior High School. Horowitz, who supported Korenstein's opponent in the last school board election, is now principal of Byrd Junior High School in Sun Valley.

Korenstein has said she had nothing to do with Horowitz's transfer.

Korenstein was elected to the board in 1987 to fill the unexpired term of David Armour and is up for reelection in April.

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