The Nation : Gunman Kills Girl, Wounds 10 at School

A man walked into a Greenwood, S.C., elementary school with a handgun and opened fire, killing an 8-year-old girl and injuring 10 other people, authorities said. Police Chief James Coursey said James William Wilson, 19, of Greenwood had been charged with murder. No motive for the shootings was determined. Coursey said that Wilson entered Oakland Elementary School's cafeteria and opened fire with a .22-caliber revolver, injuring a teacher and three pupils. Wilson then entered a girls' restroom where he got into a scuffle with teacher Kat Finkbeiner, Coursey said. Finkbeiner was wounded. Wilson then went to a classroom, where he opened fire again, injuring a teacher and five pupils and killing a girl. After firing all bullets in his pistol, Wilson dropped the gun and Finkbeiner ordered him to raise his hands and stand until police arrived. Coursey's account of Wilson's actions differed from that given earlier by school officials. The dead child was identified as Shequila Bradley. Two pupils, Finkbeiner and another teacher remained hospitalized.

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