Video Reviews and News : More New Releases

<i> Compiled by Terry Atkinson</i>


The most expensive film ever made--and one of the longest--”War and Peace” (Kultur, $99.95) is a detailed cinematic telling of Tolstoy’s novel. Considerably more cheaply made--in fact, made for British TV in 1967, it’s been disparaged as the Beatles’ home movie--”Magical Mystery Tour” has shown up in crude, scratched, purportedly public-domain versions. This week MPI has released a $29.95 cassette of the surreal, 60-minute comedy-musical that is supposed to have been transferred from the original 35mm negative.

Two 1988 romantic thrillers reach the stores this weekend, and both carry the Hitchcock influence in terms of plot if not quality. Set in 1951, “The House on Carroll Street” (HBO, $89.99, PG-13) stars Kelly McGillis as a woman who discovers a plot to smuggle Nazi war criminals into the United States. Peter Yates directed. “Masquerade” (CBS/Fox, $89.98, R) is yet another take-off on Hitchcock’s “Suspicion.”

Now that RCA/Columbia has released “Vice Versa” (RCA/Columbia, $89.95, PG), VCR-owning gluttons for punishment can complete their collection of 1987-88 films that, in strange profusion, used the father-son switcheroo. Also new from RCA/Columbia: “School Daze” ($89.95, R), Spike Lee’s skewered gaze at a black college, and “Switching Channels” ($89.95, PG).


John Hughes’ most recent film starring Molly Ringwald, “She’s Having a Baby,” is out at $89.95 from Paramount.

Other Videos and News

One of PBS’ finest hours this year--six hours, actually--came when Bill Moyers interviewed the late Joseph Campbell on “The Power of Myth.” Now the series is available on six cassettes from Mystic Fire at $29.95 each. However, for those wanting the entire set, Mystic Fire is offering a price break--all six for $147.40--by mail order only. Information: (516) 668-1111.

“Get the Feeling: Winning” (HBO, $14.99) is the third in the sports-oriented series; Rhino has revived two classic TV series, “Captain Midnight” ($19.95, 60 min.) and “Roger Ramjet” ($16.95, 30 min.); JCI offers “It’s OK to Say No to Drugs!” and “Kids Have Rights Too!” ($19.95 each, 40 min. each). If things are too much for you, tell it all to the “Video Psychiatrist” on “Talk to Me,” a gag tape from Horizon ($9.95, 30 min.). Information: (818) 841-9697.