Ex-Rep. Jordan Hits Bush for ‘Chaotic, Untidy Mind’

United Press International

Former Texas congresswoman Barbara Jordan, campaigning for Michael S. Dukakis after a near-fatal swimming accident, today accused George Bush of having a “chaotic . . . untidy mind” and said Jesse Jackson should work harder for the Democratic ticket.

Jordan, speaking at the National Press Club in her first appearance for Dukakis, praised the Democratic presidential candidate but acknowledged that both Dukakis and Bush bear responsibility for “stage managing” the campaign at the expense of issues.

“Both candidates are responsible,” said Jordan, 52, the first black woman elected to Congress from a former Confederate state.


Jordan, now a University of Texas professor, defended Dukakis as being representative of mainstream America despite Bush’s argument to the contrary and said if the Massachusetts governor is elected, “I believe America will start to dream again and hope again.”

She accused the Republicans of being “hollow men.”

Fears to Show Mind

“Vice President Bush shows a curious reluctance to discuss those issues we care about,” she said, adding that he might fear a discussion would “reveal that his mind is chaotic.”

She also had advice for Jackson.

“Jesse Jackson can help this ticket if he wants,” she said in response to a question. “Jesse Jackson never quite realized that he was defeated for the Democratic nomination and carried forward as if he were somehow a co-nominee. . . .

“If he is going to be petulant and just come grudgingly and reluctantly, when the roll is called, I hope everybody realizes who did what and when.”