North Jersey Police Groups Endorse Bush Campaign

Associated Press

Republican George Bush received endorsements today from northern New Jersey law officers and he told them that a criminal who kills a policeman should “pay with his life.”

The Bush campaign hastily added an afternoon stop in Springfield, Mass., where Bush expected to win the support of yet another police group in rival Michael S. Dukakis’ home state.

“We should have much more sympathy for the victims of crime than we have for the criminals and that’s the kind of judge I’ll appoint to the federal bench,” he said.


Bush criticized Massachusetts’ prison furlough program again, and said Dukakis had a “basic revolving door program for murderers who have not even served enough time for parole.”

Bush said someone convicted of a drug-related murder or killing police officers “should pay with his life.”

Bush’s sentiments were echoed by those endorsing him today.

“Under a Bush Administration, criminals won’t get weekend furloughs so they can go out and commit more crimes,” said Mike Adamo, president of the Paterson Policeman’s Benevolent Assn.

Also endorsing Bush were the Passaic County Sheriff’s Officers and Correction Officers and two small police groups and a firemen’s association.

Bush was also scheduled to pick up the endorsement of two municipal police unions in Springfield. A week ago, Bush was endorsed by Boston police; Dukakis countered with a law officer-packed rally of his own.