Candidates Clash in First TV Debate

Mounting evidence suggests that Bush's problem is much more profound than being "born with a silver foot in his mouth." The debate confirmed my worst fears. His garbled syntax, bizarre mistakes, memory lapses, inappropriate language, malapropisms, and inability to concentrate reinforce a pattern that has emerged during the last several years. Citizens of both parties, instead of treating his "awkwardness" as amusing or endearing, should be asking tough questions about his ability to govern. This is particularly important in view of his vice presidential choice. A man with a Phi Beta Kappa key from Yale and an impressive resume should be capable of articulating his thoughts without the aid of a TelePrompTer and cue cards.

I am baffled by The Times failure to print the entire text of the debate. Is it possible that the editors are as concerned about Bush's condition as this citizen?


San Bernardino

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