Local News in Brief : Cypress : Special Education Law Passage a ‘Great Victory’

Assemblywoman Doris Allen (R-Cypress) on Friday said the signing into law of a bill to continue special education for the handicapped “is a great victory for . . . thousands of children throughout the state.”

Allen was referring to Gov. George Deukmejian’s signing on Thursday of a bill that reauthorizes special education for the handicapped for five more years. The old law had expired on June 30, and efforts to get a new law passed all but died in late August in the final hours of the 1988 Legislature.

Some Democrats in the Legislature repeatedly amended special education bills to incorporate bilingual education, but Deukmejian said he would veto any bill containing a reauthorization of bilingual education. Finally, Allen said, she worked with Sen. John Seymour (R-Anaheim), who agreed to amend one of his Senate-passed bills to include the special education authorization.