He May Be Born to Shop, but He Isn't Sporting

Scott Ostler's column (Sept. 23) is a travesty in type, an assault on unsuspecting readers innocently in search of sports information.

By actual count, Ostler used the first-person singular no less than 52 times. "My" appeared 8 times, "me" on 6 occasions "myself" once. Narcissism lives!

I recommend that he be reassigned to some Olympic event more suited to his talents--small-bore shooting competition, perhaps.

That is assuming Scurrilous Scott is willing to abandon his new-found interest in comparison shopping and take a fling at sportswriting. If not, mayhap on Oct. 3 he might be assigned as an early-bird scrivener in Barcelona, which also has retail shops. Nothing like a sneak preview.


La Jolla

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