Hands of Leadership

Nancy Ohanian's artwork of "gunfighters" George Bush and Michael Dukakis was offhanded, showing George Bush drawing a six-gun with his right hand and Mike Dukakis drawing southpaw ("The Shoot-out," by Lawrence Christon, Sept. 25).

This year the handiest Republicans were the lefties, with presidential candidates Sen. Bob Dole, the Rev. Pat Robertson and Vice President Bush all left-handed. (President Reagan, once a New Deal Democrat, recalls being left-handed as a child before he was forced to write right-handed.)

Gov. Dukakis and all the other Democratic presidential contenders this year, on the other hand, have been right-winged.

You should show readers how your artist's pistol-jerking dudes would look reversed, thereby correcting your wrong-handed (Times) Mirror image of which of these cowhands will reign-in the country.



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