'Sky for a Roof'

In response to the "Sky for a Roof" article (Sept. 23), I can't believe the people of Capistrano Beach can't come up with a more humanitarian solution to the problem of the homeless, immigrant day workers.

I suppose it's too much to ask those merchants whose businesses are being hurt by these poor homeless people to imagine what life is like for them, let alone be sympathetic. Their solution is so typical: "Shoo them away." Out of sight, out of mind.

Although I don't have any answers (I am a student with limited resources as well as limited income) I'm sure there must be some concerned citizens (by concerned I mean about the welfare of fellow human beings) in Capistrano Beach that could come up with some more honorable solutions.

I don't know how Mike Eggars, aide to U.S. Rep. Ron Packard and Councilman-elect in Dana Point, and Ron Rogers, spokesman to the INS, can address such a human problem in such an inhumane way. How can they live with the guilt they should feel by treating other people in this manner?

I am repeatedly disgusted by the way many Southern Californians handle such problems. As soon as I am able I will move out of Orange County, away from people who care more about "their businesses" than those who are less fortunate than themselves.



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