Harry Anderson of "Night Court" will turn...

Harry Anderson of "Night Court" will turn up on NBC's new "The Magical World of Disney" this season. He'll make an appearance on the premiere installment Oct. 9, along with Betty White, Phylicia Rashad, Kate Jackson and Judd Hirsch. Later he'll be seen in a remake of "The Absent-Minded Professor," re-creating Fred MacMurray's role as the inventor of "flubber."

Faye Dunaway will co-produce and star in "Cold Sassy Tree," a movie for Turner Network Television, a new cable service that debuts Monday. Based on a novel by Olive Ann Burns, the film tells of a romance in a small Southern town at the turn of the century. . . . TNT also has signed up Farrah Fawcett to play the title role in "The Margaret Bourke-White Story," about a famous photographer for Life magazine.

"Diamonds," the private-eye series that aired on CBS' late-night schedule last season, has been picked up by cable's USA Network. It will begin repeating the 22 episodes this month and has ordered 13 new episodes with stars Peggy Smithhart and Nicholas Campbell.

NBC has a new installment of "Super Bloopers & New Practical Jokes" on tap for Oct. 9. Keshia Knight Pulliam of "The Cosby Show" and Dick Van Dyke are the practical joke victims. Ed McMahon and Dick Clark return as hosts.

Good news for Charles Kuralt fans: He'll make an appearance in prime time Oct. 14, when CBS broadcasts a new collection of his "On the Road" features. Among the stories he reports: a man who has been making bricks by hand since 1889; a woman who fixes meals for anyone who knocks on her door, and a group of men who helped build the Golden Gate Bridge.

Markie Post has a leading role in "Glitz," a TV movie that NBC plans to broadcast Oct. 21. She plays a singer who falls in love with a detective played by Jimmy Smits of "L.A. Law."

Lori Loughlin, who played Jody Travis on the soap opera "The Edge of Night" for three years, will have a recurring role on ABC's "Full House" this season. She'll play the co-host of a TV talk show opposite the character of Danny (played by Bob Saget). . . . Another former soap star, David Beecroft of "One Life to Live," will be a regular on CBS' "Falcon Crest" this season, playing the son of Rod Taylor's character.

"Knots Landing" will have a new cast member this fall. He's Robert Desiderio, former star of the ABC series "Heart of the City." As the producers describe it, he'll play "a high-powered public relations executive hired by Gregory Sumner (William Devane) to help orchestrate his return to public life."

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