Israel's Use of Detention

The editorial stated that Israel's most successful control technique of the intifada , or uprising on the West Bank and Gaza, was the policy of administrative detention. You urged that Israel not imprison Palestinian leaders for nonviolent political activities.

Conditions in the Ansar III detention camp, where the close to 3,000 prisoners are being held, have been condemned by Israeli Jewish organizations, as well as the International Red Cross. Observers have noted a lack of water, abusive extended prisoner counts in 100-plus degree sun, and inadequate sanitary facilities. New Jewish Agenda-Los Angeles has joined with those Israeli groups, such as Yesh G'vul (There is a Limit) in calling for the closure of Ansar III, and an end to the human rights violations implicit in the widespread use of administrative detention.

Ultimately, the "most successful control technique" Israel can use is to take the difficult steps toward ending the occupation by negotiating a peaceful resolution of the conflict with the Palestinian people.


Los Angeles

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