Collusion Case Is Complicating Angel Attempt to Acquire Parrish

Associated Press

The Angels have been trying to acquire catcher Lance Parrish in a trade with the Philadelphia Phillies, but the deal apparently has been held up by negotiations in the Collusion II case, a source close to the situation told the Associated Press.

The Phillies are claiming that a side letter from Parrish's lawyer to the club constitutes a waiver of Parrish's right to "new-look" free agency, the source said.

Arbitrator George Nicolau is expected to grant several players who were free agents after the 1986 season renewed free agency, in which they could keep their current contracts or sign with a different club. The Major League Baseball Players Assn. and the owners' Player Relations Committee have been negotiating over which players will receive the "new look."

The source said that the Phillies' insistence that Parrish, who lives in Yorba Linda, had waived the "new look" was a substantial complication to a deal being completed.

Angel Manager Moose Stubing said Saturday: "I knew they were trying to work on a deal. That's all I know."

Angel General Manager Mike Port declined to talk about Parrish.

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