As the market continued to muddle through...

As the market continued to muddle through another indecisive week, two San Diego stocks reached new highs, according to Irving Katz, director of research for Thomas Green/San Diego Securities.

Mail Boxes Etc. hit a record $16.50 and closed the week up $2 at $15.25. Monitor Technologies reached a record $5.625, reflecting increased interest in its air-monitoring equipment.

Other good gains were made by WD-40, which raised its quarterly dividend from $.35 to $.40. With one exception, the company has raised its dividend every year since going public in 1973, Katz said. WD-40 also paid a $.25 extra dividend in March. The stock now trades at a 5% yield.

San Diego Gas & Electric was up $.375 as SCEcorp, the parent company of Southern California Edison, purchased 1,000 shares and requested a copy of SDG&E;'s shareholder list. It wants to communicate directly with shareholders regarding SDG&E;'s projected merger with Tucson Electric Power.


Fisher Scientific continues its free fall, dropping $2.25 last week after a $2.75 loss the previous week, Katz said. The only apparent explanation would be the realization that next year’s earnings increases will be at a lower rate than analysts expected.

Kaypro remained unchanged despite the dramatic increase in short position, from 4,746 shares to 46,382 shares in the month ended Sept. 15.