'Thank You' to a Persistent Parent

At the Bonita school board meeting there were many thank you's given to (school board member) Sharon Scott for the passage of legislation restricting chemical plants being located near our schools and hospitals. Last year at a school board meeting, awards were given out to agencies, such as the Air Quality Management District, and individuals for their involvement in the closing of Plato Plating.

But I haven't seen or heard one word of thanks to the parent who had the foresight to recognize the danger and the tenacity to fight this battle since 1984.

Jeff Schenkel continued the fight when the previous school board ridiculed his concerns with Plato Products and would not listen. Schenkel again continued the fight when the present school board, including Scott, would not listen.

A meeting had been scheduled by Scott to convince the parents how safe Plato Products was. However, a confirmed leak did occur which made Mrs. Scott realize Mr. Schenkel's concerns were valid.

Mr. Schenkel also started the San Dimas Concerned Citizens Committee, which not only fought the "Plato Products" issue but continued to work on other environmental issues in the area. I think it is about time that the community and our officials acknowledged this man's efforts and shout "Thank You Jeff Schenkel"!

I, for one, offer my sincere appreciation of his job well done!


La Verne

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