Raid on Church Underscores Intrusiveness of INS Actions

Regarding "Religious Leaders Back McFarland's INS Protest" (Sept. 28):

As an Anglo who lives in the El Modena area of Orange, I praise the comments reportedly made by Episcopal Bishop Oliver B. Garver Jr. in his protest regarding the chasing after alleged illegal immigrants into a church. The bishop decried "precipitously . . . pursuing people who in the best American tradition want to work."

I believe that we, as Americans, must begin to deal with problems in other ways than with pulled guns. Whether it is a crime of violence committed by an American or a crime of illegal entry by someone from a foreign country, we need to look at the source. It is so easy to point our fingers at those with black, brown or yellow skin.

We can continue to build large jails and large military organizations. But we must begin to face up to the basic needs of our brothers and sisters who shape our small world.

We must help people build self-esteem and provide them with the resources that enable them to obtain adequate food, clothing and housing. We must pave the way for education and jobs.



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