Family Values

What the heck are those "traditional family values" I hear about every time I turn on the television or pick up a newspaper?

I mean it seems like every self-proclaimed "religious leader" and "conservative politician" have one major agenda--to return this country to traditional family values.

The only question is, just who is going to define those traditional family values?

Every culture has its own traditional family values and perhaps that culture might want to live by those values rather than be told how to live by some politician or religious leader.

Actually, my impression is that there is a certain element running amok in this country whose ideas of traditional family values would include "women working in the fields from dawn to dusk, then caring for the home, the chores and a lot of kids." Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen!

Catchy slogans may sell well in the media but they don't always hold up when examined by the needs and standards of today's complex society.


Santa Monica

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