Space Shuttle Discovery

The space shuttle program is a continuation of the national circus of manned space flights which put men on the moon. It is promoted by the military/aerospace complex to excite and entertain the public in order to obtain public support for public funding.

There is nothing in space nor on the moon--no air, water nor food nor any living thing and very little gravity. The sunny side of an object in space is hotter than the inside of a kitchen oven. The shaded side is cooler than the inside of a home food freezer. All these conditions were known and simulated on Earth before the first astronaut landed on the moon.

Unmanned, automated spacecraft are very successfully relaying communications signals around the Earth, including TV pictures and sound; weather satellites are sending weather information to Earth, and navigation satellites provide known points for ships and for mapping. Other satellites are used for observing and photographing the Earth's surface.

Manned space flight is too dangerous to continue. Too many widows, widowers and orphans have been caused by failures and accidents in manned space flights.

Manned space flight is too expensive to continue. The national budget cannot stand such expense.

All future space flights should be unmanned.


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