Presidential Campaigning

The revelation in your pages of Bush's record as head of the CIA makes me wonder whether our Constitution can survive another Republican President (Part I, Sept. 30). Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and their lackeys overtly threatened the division of powers, and with increasing strength. The Nixon "plumbers" were minor threats compared to the actual acts of subversion committed by Oliver North and John Poindexter, probably with Reagan's knowledge and connivance--and Bush's; in all, grounds for impeachment.

If Bush's record as head of CIA, as well as his defense of North and Poindexter, is any indication, with his election we could see the Constitution completely gutted to make way for a presidency out of control. And a few more nominations for the Supreme Court like Robert Bork would complete the revolution--for that is what it would be.

If we value our constitutional freedoms we had better make sure that Bush is not elected and given the opportunity of carrying the subversive process further.


Santa Ynez

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