Local News in Brief : National JDL Leader Files Rights Suit

National Jewish Defense League Chairman Irving D. Rubin filed suit Tuesday against a Glendale police lieutenant and the Glendale Holiday Inn, alleging that his civil rights were violated during a near-riot at the hotel last Nov. 22 sparked by a meeting featuring avowed white supremacist J. B. Stoner.

In the action filed in Glendale Municipal Court, which seeks unspecified damages, Rubin and his press consultant, Jan B. Tucker, contend that Lt. Ronald DePompa violated their First Amendment rights to free expression when he blocked them from entering the the hotel, preventing them from holding a press conference in their room.

The suit, which does not name the city of Glendale as a defendant, alleges that DePompa discriminated against Rubin and Tuker based upon their ethnicity and beliefs. The hotel, it alleges, breached the room-rental agreement and evicted Rubin and Tucker.