Local News in Brief : Costa Mesa : Shots Fired as 30 Teens Scuffle in Fistfight

A fistfight involving about 30 teen-agers, some of them suspected gang members, escalated into gunfire Tuesday night in a Costa Mesa strip shopping center, police said.

No one was reported injured by gunfire in the incident which occurred about 8:15 p.m. in the Mesa Verde Shopping Center parking lot at 2701 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa Police Sgt. Tom Winter said.

Police determined that there had been a fight among 15 to 20 “gang-type teen-agers and at least 11 victims, also teen-agers,” he said. “During the fight, shots were fired from a shotgun and a handgun.”

No one was injured by the shots, but one car was slightly damaged. One teen-ager was injured in the fistfight but he refused medical aid, Winter said.


Police seized a shotgun inside a car, he said.

“No motive for the original fight is known,” Winter said.

Some of the victims knew some of the attackers, but no one has been arrested, he said.