Reagan Salutes Astronauts, Sees Space Era Ahead

United Press International

President Reagan saluted “five brave countrymen"--the Discovery astronauts--at the White House today and urged America’s schoolchildren to study hard and reach for the stars.

“I’ll predict the crew of Discovery has launched a whole new generation of space pioneers,” the President said at a Rose Garden ceremony honoring the astronauts and their families.

“There is so much that lies ahead. You know I have to wonder how far is the day when the children of America turn to the parents and say, ‘Gee, mom and dad, can I borrow the space ship tonight?’ ”

Discovery astronauts Frederick Hauck, Richard Covey, David Hilmers, George (Pinky) Nelson and John (Mike) Lounge flanked the President during the brief ceremony attended by the astronauts’ wives.


The astronauts presented Reagan patches carried on their mission, to be worn on a flight jacket they presented to him earlier.