Missed Humor

Regarding the Oct. 4 story, "St. $ilicon--a Preacher for PC Fun-damentalism":

I resent the "humor" of Jeffrey Armstrong, who attempts to use the fundamental and basic beliefs and prayers of all Christians to get a laugh (and, apparently, make a lot of money while so doing).

I grew up with "The Lord's Prayer" as an expression of how I was to live each day in the belief that I had a hope for my ultimate life, that my will was to be subject to God's and that I should live each day so that my relationship with my fellow man would be pleasing in the sight of God. This prayer is even more meaningful to me now as an adult. As a computer specialist who is a Christian, I find no amusement in this buffoon.

It is unfortunate that The Times has chosen to showcase this sad caricature who is so insensitive to the feelings and beliefs of others.

Armstrong's "humor" is blasphemous at worst and tasteless at best. In either case it is wrong.


Van Nuys

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