Dornan's Speeches in House Derided

The television programming of CNN covers legislative sessions of Congress. After the House recesses for the day, there is a time called "special orders," when congressmen can speak for up to an hour, and their message is recorded in the Congressional Record. In the last several weeks, Rep. Robert K. Dornan (R-Garden Grove) has availed himself of this opportunity several times.

Though there are (present), at best, no more than two or three other congressmen, who are of the same political bent, the speaker (of the House) and the cameras, apparently the cameras are enough for Dornan. It is a chance to speak, with no press or opposing views to present even the pretense of balance.

His monologues are the vilest, lowest form of demagoguery and outright lying that have been seen in Congress since Joe McCarthy. In fact, I have often noted the similarity. However, even McCarthy didn't stoop so low as to recruit his wife and young daughter to join him in his Goebbels-type rampages of lying and verbal abuse.

Dornan, as another writer to The Times put it, is an embarrassment, not just for Orange County, but for the United States of America. Dornan's brother-in-law is probably not suing him for slander because he thinks Dornan is pathetic.

And, because it is now important to make this kind of information known, I am not a homosexual or even sympathetic to their causes. Hopefully, that will keep me from being slandered.


Huntington Beach

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