The 'Absurd' in Flying

Peter S. Greenberg appears to have left out many scheduled flights in his article, "Flights That Are No Secret" (Sept. 25), because he didn't state that there are other possibilities besides those he listed. He suggests for a "serious change of pace" take Royal Air Maroc between New York City and Montreal. Admittedly curious, but how about absurd? I believe absurd flights are: Geneva/Frankfurt on Iran Air; Kuwait/Amman on Libyan Airlines; Georgetown, Guyana/Barbados on Cubana, Cuban airlines; Copenhagen/Berlin on Syriair, Syrian Airlines; Paris/Rome on Angola Airlines, and Warsaw/Istanbul on Iraqi Airlines.

Although any American can take any of the above flights, we can't travel freely to or inside the country of the airline. If for any reason a stop is omitted by the airline (as once happened to me), you may find yourself in Iran, Libya, Cuba, Syria, Angola or Iraq for a long weekend. Also, avoid Air France between Delhi and Bangkok. If Bangkok is fogged in, you may end up in Viet Nam.


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