Steaming Into Port

There is one very misleading statement in Karl Zimmermann's article, "On a Norwegian Steamer Across the Arctic Circle" (Sept. 11). Zimmermann wrote: " . . . as working boats, the express steamers go to ports. This means that though the scenery is nonstop spectacular there are no idle excursions into the deepest, steepest, most breathtaking of the fiords." However, there are land and fiord excursions. Five in all, three on the way north and two on the return.

Of these, two are inland and all are worth the time and money. Plan A was $111 and Plan B was $156. We chose Plan B. The only difference is in the first excursion. Plan B took us deep into a fiord on a catamaran. We had lunch at a hotel at the head of the fiord, then boarded buses for a spectacular hairpin-curve ride back to the coast. It was probably the most exciting and beautiful ride we've ever been on.

Plan A's excursion on that day is shorter, though those who took it said it was great. Our understanding was that the excursion packet should be ordered and paid for when making ship reservations and is not available on board.



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