You Can Fly or Drive Away at This Dealer

Fed up with freeway traffic? Want a vehicle that cruises at 110 m.p.h., even during rush hour? Auto dealer Roger Miller thinks he has the answer: the Enstrom 280FX.

But this three-seater is no car. It is a luxury personal whirlybird, complete with air conditioning and stereo.

Miller said he decided to put one of the choppers on display at his Anaheim Lincoln-Mercury dealership to lure potential car customers. Miller agreed to become an official Enstrom dealer and hopes to sell a couple of helicopters each year.

The craft sells for $175,000 to $234,000 and, with proper instruction, is “amazingly easy to fly,” Miller said.


About 850 Enstrom helicopters are in service around the world, according to Bill Hollenbeck, Enstrom’s West Coast marketing director. About half are used for personal commuting and recreation.

“A lot of guys buy Ferraris for $185,000,” Miller said. “Why not spend the money on a helicopter? They’re fun, and they’re fabulous transportation.”

One reason may be the $66.43 per hour that Enstrom says it costs to run the machine.