Downey : City Hall Gadfly Restrained

Two Downey officials have obtained restraining orders against City Hall gadfly John Gonzalez, whom they have accused of harassing them with verbal threats and telephone calls at home and at City Hall, an official said.

The three-year restraining orders, issued by Norwalk Superior Court Judge Pro Tem James R. Ballew, bar Gonzalez from harassing, threatening, striking or following Councilwoman Diane P. Boggs and William A. Ralph, the city’s director of community development, said lawyer Timothy B. McOsker, who handled the case for the city. The orders also prohibit Gonzalez from telephoning the officials at home.

In addition, Gonzalez must stay at least 100 yards away from the officials except when he is at City Council meetings. He must also pay the city $2,231 for attorney and filing fees, McOsker said.

Gonzalez declined to comment on the court action.


Boggs in 1986 obtained her first restraining order against Gonzalez, which is due to expire. Gonzalez allegedly warned Boggs of the pending expiration at a recent council meeting, which prompted her to extend it, McOsker said.

Gonzalez allegedly called Ralph’s home recently and threatened him, McOsker said.

City Manager Don Davis and former Councilman James S. Santangelo in 1986 also obtained restraining orders against Gonzalez after he allegedly called their homes and businesses threatening to harm them and and their families.