Deukmejian Vetoes 2 Bills

Regarding your article "Two Clean Air Bills Get Deukmejian's Signature" (Part I, Oct. 1), you reported that Deukmejian vetoed Senate Bill 6, the Robbins health care initiative. The Los Angeles County Epilepsy Society wishes to express our disappointment and frustration with the governor. SB 6 would have provided medical insurance to millions of state residents who are presently uninsured. It would provide this coverage at no cost to the taxpayers, but would be funded through premiums and co-payments paid by the insured.

Millions of adults and children are without decent health care because private insurance companies legally reject applicants on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions. This proposed program would not have done that. SB 6 had bipartisan support with a unanimous vote of approval in the Senate and an overwhelming majority in the Assembly. The governor believes that it was not sound although professional actuaries have scrutinized this proposal and, if implemented, would be under their direction.

Apparently the governor intentionally vetoed this bill after leaving the Legislature no time to react. For the governor to do this demonstrates an irresponsible and unresponsive attitude toward the many state residents who are not asking for charity, only a chance.


Executive Director

Epilepsy Society

Los Angeles

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