Kidnapers Threaten to Punish U.S. Hostages for Israel Raids

Associated Press

Shia Muslim kidnapers holding at least two American hostages threatened today to punish them in retaliation for Israel’s air attacks today on Palestinian and pro-Iranian guerrilla bases in Lebanon that left 15 people dead.

The threat came in typewritten statements in Arabic signed by the Islamic Jihad, the pro-Iranian faction holding American journalist Terry Anderson and educator Thomas Sutherland.

One of the two identical statements attributed to Islamic Jihad, or Islamic Holy War, went to a Western news agency with an instant color photograph of Anderson. The same statement without a photograph was delivered to a Beirut newspaper.

The statement denounced Israel’s retaliatory air strikes.


“Committing this stupidity and this attack shall not pass without a punishment,” it said. “The criminal America must realize it will not get away with what it has done, especially in connection with the hostages we hold, so that will be a lesson to whoever strikes at the dignity and glory of our people and moujahedeen (holy fighters).”

In the photo, Anderson, 40, with a bushy beard, was looking directly into the camera. He was wearing a Commodore Hotel T-shirt, as he wore when he was kidnaped.