Togs: A Dressing Down

How tacky of Mrs. Taki to introduce a line of clothing for children 7 to early teens that has an average price tag of $150 per outfit when children in other parts of the world are dying daily from starvation ("Mrs. Taki Takes Kids' Togs a Tad Beyond Most Lines," by Betty Goodwin, Oct. 14).

The target customers are not the children, but the parents who would foot the bill to have their child display a designer label from Saks Fifth Avenue.

I wonder if the money spent for a child's $800 Tibetan lamb fur coat couldn't be turned into a more triumphant lesson for a parent to teach a child by contributing to a cause that will reach out and help someone less fortunate or in need of food, clothing or shelter? I'm sure the grandmothers, the godmothers and the aunts would agree that gift giving of this kind is the wrong message to send to young people.


La Jolla

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