Remembering dePriest

We read with interest your recent stories on the remarkable growth phenomenon of South Coast Repertory. These stories brought back years of memories. However, those of us who lived close to the formation and forward movement of this exciting group are dumbfounded and very disappointed at the glaring omission of the name of James dePriest.

Jim dePriest started Actors Circle Theatre in Long Beach in 1965 with Ron Thronson. In 1967 this group merged with David Emmes and Martin Benson's group to form South Coast Repertory. Jim was a managing director (along with Emmes and Benson) and was a major force in SCR until 1979.

It was his efforts that (made possible) SCR's first production of "A Christmas Carol" (now an annual event). He directed "The Glass Menagerie," "Entertaining Mr. Sloane," "Pictures From the Walls of Pompeii" and "Indians," and also acted in at least 15 productions.

With all the honors, awards and recognition SCR has received, it seems a shame that neither the management nor the "founding members" could search their collective remembrances far enough to find a trace of James dePriest.


Santa Ana

Aaron dePriest is James dePriest's eldest son.

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