A Change of Station

It looks as if Pat Boone is spending more time nowadays responding to "love letters in the courts" than writing "love letters in the sand." His Anaheim-based KDOC Channel 56 TV station has been plagued by a series of lawsuites involving office romances, kickbacks and favors for sex ("Channel Follies Revive the Radio Melodrama" by Jan Herman, Calendar Oct. 16). Before it's all over I can assure you he'll be drinking something stronger than milk or diet soda.

Pat is too soft-spoken and easygoing. He needs to get tougher and to spend more time directly overseeing the station. He would be wise to emulate his ancestor Daniel Boone, and trade in his white bucks for a pair of Western-style stomping boots in order to do some long overdue butt kicking to help clean up his station and make it more wholesome and family-oriented.

He could start by ridding himself of "Mr. Hot Air," Wally (Saint) George, the self-perceived woman slayer.



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