Congratulations on 'Fine Story'

Congratulations to reporter Chris Woodyard for his fine story about the Long Beach Harbor business license fees in your Oct. 2 edition ("Auditor Says Harbor Terminals Don't Pay a Fair Share of Taxes").

Certainly, if apartment building owners must pay the business license tax based on gross revenue, which of course is paid for in higher rents, the port businesses should pay in the same way.

And why stop with the port? Why not use revenues for all businesses as the basis for the tax. Perhaps the $5 million now collected would grow to $10 million or $15 million, thus providing funds for enhancing recreation services and other needed social and health services in our city.

Long Beach City Auditor Robert Fronke has done the people a tremendous service to uncover this inequity. It is now up to the City Council to take appropriate corrective measures.


Long Beach

Solomon is the president of Long Beach Area Citizens Involved.

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