Ironic Injustice

The report is finally in. Local attorney Alex Landon, about whom unfounded rumors of complicity in a 1972 prison escape were recirculated a few months ago, has been completely exonerated of any wrongdoing after an "exhaustive" investigation by state and county authorities. Sadly, the report, issued by the San Bernardino County district attorney, comes too late to undo the damage to Alex's good name or to save the Community Defender Program he would so capably have led.

Assemblyman Larry Stirling, who is as unconcerned with fairness as he is concerned with grabbing headlines, and his vested-interest cronies succeeded in pillorying an innocent man. In the process, they achieved their goal of torpedoing what would have been a model defender organization for our county.

Alex Landon has dedicated himself to protecting people against injustice. How ironic that he has been the victim of the injustice perpetrated here.


San Diego

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