Fall Time Change Is Questioned

Why, why, why do we change to Daylight Wasting Time each October?

I don't know who it benefits, but it is probably not more than 1% of the population. I have not yet heard a reason strong enough to justify imposing this terrible business on the other 99% of the population, many of whom hate it as much as I do.

I have heard rumors that the change is to benefit schoolchildren in Florida who have to stand along dark roads as they wait for the school bus. If this is a problem, change the school schedule so that school starts 1 hour later, rather than punish 200 million other Americans.

During World War II, the time was not changed to Daylight Wasting Time. What happened to the kids in Florida back then?

By not changing the time, we would probably save millions of dollars in energy, not to mention the reduction in acid rain and greenhouse problems.

Can someone explain why the time change is forced upon us each year?



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