Rescuing the Whales

What a perfect time to publicize the fact that Japan, Iceland and Norway are killing hundreds of whales in violation of the International Whaling Commission rulings. Whaling disguised as science has become the ruse these nations use in the face of international opinion, rulings of the IWC and economic sanctions.

The recent media coverage of the California gray whales trapped in the ice in Alaska whipped our feelings into a compassionate frenzy.

If all the time, money and energy spent on the almost impossible task of freeing these whales had been used to stop the whaling countries from their commercial slaughtering, it could save the remaining species of these mammals of the sea.

Carcasses are often found of whales that were caught under the ice as winter encroached. This is a natural phenomenon and would never be the cause of the extinction of entire species, as man's merciless killings have been.


Sun City

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