Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka claimed that...

Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka claimed that a player for the New England Patriots intentionally twisted the twisted the knee of Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, who will be out 4 to 6 weeks.

Ditka said he will file a report with the National Football League. “It was illegal. Somebody twisted his knee after he was hit,” Ditka said. “He was aware the knee was twisted, but he walked off the field because he didn’t want to show he was hurt.”

The linemen who make the tackle denied they intentionally injured McMahon.

“That’s a laugh. It’s a joke,” defensive end Brent Williams said of Kitka’s statement. “I’ve never tried to intentionally hurt anybody.”


Tim Goad, a rooked nose tackle, said: “There was no extracurricular activity there. We didn’t try to hurt Jim McMahon.”

McMahon was injured in the second half of Sunday’s 30-7 loss to New England, but did not tear any cartilage and will not need surgery as previously feared, said Bear trainer Fred Caito.

Ditka said Mike Tomczak will start at quarterback against Tampa Bay next Sunday.