'Buried Issues' in the Presidential Race

In these final days before the election, an interesting trend has developed on the front-page of your newspaper.

On Oct. 30, the lead story was headlined "Dukakis May Be Staging Comeback." The front-page campaign coverage on Oct. 31 began "Dukakis Declares . . . ".

Nov. 1 you did it twice. The front-page headline for the political coverage began "Dukakis Views . . . ". Further down Page 1 was another story "Dukakis Gaining?"

Thus, Dukakis gets his name in big print on your front page every day and Bush does not. Is this, coupled with the 90-minute interview of Dukakis on "Nightline," merely coincidence, or is it a last-ditch attempt by the news media to help elect Dukakis by providing free advertising?



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