Donahue's Problem Could Be That He Just Isn't Worried Enough

This was to have been a new season for Terry Donahue. All the apprehension and nagging doubts that dogged him in past years had disappeared. No one called him the Wizard of Worry this season. With a soft schedule and a team loaded with talent, a national championship and Heisman Trophy seemed to be a certainty.

But after the debacle at the Rose Bowl, maybe Donahue has been too complacent this season. According to the media, any team in the Pac-10 can beat any other conference team on a given Saturday. Yet, UCLA didn't seem to be aware of that when it played the Cougars.

Frankly, I was happier with Donahue's worry image. Since complacency hasn't worked this season, let's hope he begins to worry. Otherwise, we are in for a worrisome last few games.


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