Speaking Out on Orange County Elections : Measures H and I on Costa Mesa's Ballot

As election time draws near, we are finding our mailboxes filled with campaign literature extolling the virtues of the plans for Phase I of the Home Ranch Project and implying dire consequences to Costa Mesa if Measures H and I are not approved.

No mention is made that it is not a question of "all or nothing" unless, that is, Segerstrom elects not to build anything at all on his land, which will never be the case. Nor does anyone want it that way. No mention is ever made that a lesser development would still bring in funds for these purposes.

We can still have a "state of the art" child care center. We can still have office buildings on Home Ranch but we do not need the highest building(s) in Orange County on that site. Let the high rises stay in the Town Center area, where they are totally appropriate.

Let's get our thinking straight, pull together, and keep Costa Mesa a good place to live, and not just some place to work. We are at the point of no return if we approve H and I and the massive commercial development continues to impact in a negative manner the quality of life for which we are fighting.


Costa Mesa

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