Is Tyson Lovesick? --Hardly

If Mike Tyson is depressed over his breakup with Robin Givens, he did a good job of hiding it at the World Boxing Council’s convention in Mexico City last week. At least that’s how Wallace Matthews of Newsday told it.

Wrote Matthews: “According to people who partied with Tyson, he acted very much like any single 21-year-old bachelor--he went girl-crazy.

“ ‘His style with women is exactly like his style in the ring--aggressive, no holds barred,’ said one friend. ‘He’s got some great lines.’

“One of Tyson’s better lines came the day after reports of his demise in a car accident swept through Mexico and filtered into the United States.


“ ‘Robin would have been first in line at the bank,” Tyson told a friend. ‘She wouldn’t even wait until I was cold.’ ”

Add Tyson: “Although he was in good spirits, his friends were troubled by the quantity and frequency of his drinking,” Matthews wrote.

“ ‘He drinks more than any person I’ve ever seen,’ said one friend, who has been around the boxing business long enough to have known some prodigious imbibers. What does Tyson drink?

“ ‘Anything he can get his hands on, as long as it’s wet,’ said the friend.”


More Tyson: Donald Trump told the New York Times that he saved the fighter at least $50 million over his career when he advised him to rewrite his contract with manager Bill Cayton.

“Mike would still be in that contract mess if it wasn’t for me,” Trump said. “When Cayton saw me come down the pike with my killer lawyers, he did a complete el foldo.”

Trivia Time: Who caught the Hail Mary pass from Doug Flutie that gave Boston College a 47-45 win over Miami in 1984? (Answer below.)

Add Forgettable Quotes: Said Grete Waitz of Norway after winning the New York City Marathon in 1978: “Never again. I’ve never hurt so much.”

Last Sunday, she won it for the ninth time.

Mark Gastineau, who quit football to be with actress Brigitte Nielsen, is being sued for divorce and faces a palimony suit from another woman. How can he survive?

A confidant of Gastineau’s told the Sporting News, “He said before he quit that the only reason he was playing was because of his coach, Joe Walton. He said, '(Brigitte) told me I didn’t have to do this anymore.’ He said Gitte told him, ‘I have money.’ ”

Michigan State football Coach George Perles, on 310-pound offensive tackle Tony Mandarich: “I was an assistant coach with the Pittsburgh Steelers when they won four Super Bowls, and Tony could could have started on any one of those teams.


“He could step in right now and start for just about any team in pro football.”

Trivia Answer: Gerard Phelan.


Tom Lasorda, on being sold three times as a pitcher in 1956: “I felt like a stolen car. I was waiting for them to strip me for parts.”