Alternatives to Selling Fireworks

A law was passed by the West Covina City Council in August banning the use of fireworks.

Councilman Bob Bacon said that a special election to vote for or against the ban would cost West Covina residents between $35,000 and $40,000, plus approximately $5,500 to verify signatures on any petition.

Well guess what? Just about every veterans group managed to get enough signatures on a petition that has been presented to the city clerk for verification. Some residents whom I have talked with signed the petition wanting to get the issue to a vote to ban their usage, not realizing our council had already banned fireworks.

A spokesman for one veterans group said that selling fireworks was the easiest way to get money for charitable causes. But why not sell poppies at sporting events or find other ways to raise money, so that residents aren't harmed by fireworks?


West Covina

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