Downey : School Board Buys $128,000 Computer System

The Downey school board has agreed unanimously to purchase new computer systems and equipment for the high schools and middle schools. The six schools will convert from their 4-year-old Apple-clone Franklin computer systems to Apple and IBM personal computers in February.

"We're constantly trying to update our computer technology," Supt. Edward Sussman said. The new computers will enable the Downey Unified School District to plan a long-range technological curriculum to increase student learning, Sussman said.

Sussman said the board's Instructional Technology Committee came up with the idea for the computers during the spring of 1987. The equipment and software will cost $128,000, which includes $98,000 for the high schools and $30,000 for the middle schools. State lottery proceeds will be used to subsidize the cost.

Each of the two high schools will receive an Apple and IBM computer lab with updated equipment, Sussman said. He was uncertain of the number of computers that will be distributed to the middle schools, which also will be receiving five printers.

The old computers will be transferred to elementary schools to be used in their computer labs.

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