Lakeside Woman Given 11 Years in Prison for Death of Daughter

A Lakeside mother who killed her 2-year-old daughter in 1987 was sentenced Tuesday to 11 years in state prison.

San Diego Superior Court Judge Wayne Peterson gave Rosary Jenkins, 27, the maximum sentence for voluntary manslaughter.

Jenkins pleaded guilty last year to the March 8 death of her daughter, Manda Jenkins. She first told authorities that the child had fallen off a chair. However, the day after the child’s death, Jenkins went to a clinic and said she had killed her baby. Jenkins admitted shaking the baby and throwing her to the ground after being upset over the girl’s toilet training.

Following her guilty plea Jenkins was sent to Patton State Hospital after judges found her mentally incompetent to be sentenced. Several months ago, officials at the state mental hospital determined that she had regained competency.


Her attorney, Elliot Lande, had asked that she be placed on probation and put in a crisis center program in El Cajon.

Lande said Jenkins was mentally ill and had auditory and visual hallucinations. He said Jenkins told people that Hollywood producer Steven Spielberg, who made the picture “E.T.,” was responsible for her daughter’s death.

Her mother, Gladys Sampo, told the judge that her daughter has a history of mental illness since the age of 12.

Her husband, Michael Jenkins, testified that his wife’s mental health has deteriorated while she has been in custody. He said she does not believe she is responsible for their daughter’s death.


But Deputy Dist. Atty. Aaron Katz said he urged the 11-year term because “the defendant clearly presents a danger to the community.”