Some Secret

Regarding the Oct. 9 story, "Kroll--Wall Street's Super Sleuth":

I'm a little confused. The story says, "Confidentiality is a big ingredient in what Kroll sells. Kroll investigators are so close-mouthed that it's been said that they wouldn't tell you if your coat were on fire."

I love a good crime story as much as anyone, but if they claim to be selling confidentiality, why did they blab to The Times? Now everyone knows that their clients include the government of Haiti, Drexel Burnham Lambert and Business Week. We also know that they've investigated Ivan Boesky, T. Boone Pickens and R. R. Donnelly & Sons. This is confidentiality?


Los Angeles

The writer is the co-author of "Platinum Crime," an account of a private investigator's career.

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