A Father's Frustration

Paul Dean's two articles in the Oct. 30 edition headline "Kidnaped" and "Another Side to Child Abduction" were very good but, once again, especially in the second article, the focus was on the mother's view.

As a non-custodial father who loves his children, pays his child support and wants to maintain a good, strong relationship with his children, I get very frustrated when the fathers who care are disregarded.

I can truly understand why some parents finally get tired of constant verbal, written and legal battles just to see their children regularly, ensure that their children are not being constantly used as pawns in a power struggle and a competition for their affection, and are being cared for appropriately, both physically and emotionally.

The laws of this state, as well as the majority of states, are still antiquated and discriminatory toward non-custodial parents and men in particular. If joint custody was the rule instead of the exception, I expect the percentage of abduction cases, both intercontinental and as a whole, would decrease substantially.



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