Ecological Retrofitting

Thank you for Connie Koenenn's superb article on Julia Russell's Eco-Home ("Starting at Home," Oct. 31). The response has been so very heartening. Hundreds of people have been calling from all over Southern California.

They are people who have been doing or planning similar ecological retrofitting of their homes, apartments and their consciousness: people with solar pool heaters, apartment composting, parents who want their children to know a more ecological way of being in our city and on the planet. Many of the callers thought they were isolated and alone. Thanks to your article, they have been publicly validated for their efforts to create a better quality of life in these times when so many others are simply seeking a higher standard of living. So thank you again from all of us.


Los Angeles

Arkin is the director of the Cooperative Resources and Services Project and a volunteer in the Eco-Home Network.

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