'A Government to Despise'

Klein's attempt to eat humble pie on behalf of the "children of the '60s," following yet another Democratic defeat at the national polls, is disturbing example of the unfettered arrogance that so characterizes the liberal world view.

He may be right in saying that one-time "draft-card burners" are better at despising the policies of a conservative Administration than apologizing for their own miscues on the rare occasion when they get to run the country.

But he doesn't go far enough in recognizing the bankruptcy of Eastern establishment elitism, a view that wafts through the Upper West Side of Manhattan like so much disgusting smoke from a designer cigarette.

"Vote Democratic," these folks would say, "then go back to your mindless, blue-collar, assembly-line job in your uncultured Midwest city. And by the way, don't ask any questions about the way we want to run things because we know what's best for you. Remember, we're progressive."

Tragically, the status quo conscious, sedentary conservative world view doesn't provide much solace either.

How unfortunate that our nation is forced to vote along one flawed ideological line or another. When are we Johnny Lunchbuckets going to wake up and see that both liberal and conservative world views leave much to be desired? When are we going to demand candidates who'll decide issues exclusively on ethical, moral, or at the very least, pragmatic grounds, with no regard to ideology or party politics?

How foolish of me. If that happened, liberals wouldn't have anything to despise. And conservatives wouldn't have anything to gloat over.



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